This family’s history is inextricably tied to the Holocaust.

We have used webtrees to create a genealogy website.

To give context to our family history, a timeline with Holocaust events has been created.

And so, rather that just dates from an individual’s life, we can now see the events of the world.

Weiser History

Seeing the Munich Agreement where countries tried to appease Hitler in September 1938, gives context to our family member who was deported from Germany to Poland the following month.

This timeline is a work in progress. And will be continually updated. It includes events from World War I and World War II.

The timeline can be downloaded on GitHub here.

Feel free to change it.

Just use a text editor on the file ‘module.php’. You can change any fact, delete, or add.


To use, create a ‘holocaust_timeline’ folder in webtrees/modules-v4. Then add the ‘module.php’ file.

The timeline also needs to be enabled on YOUR Webtrees website by going to Control Panel –> Modules –> Historic Events and checking “Holocaust Timeline.”

To see an example, visit a family member on emlekezik.

Make sure “historic events” is checked.

Webtrees Historic Events