Photo Of Erika Weiser About 1950

Blurb From 1950 Census

After 72 years, the 1950 U.S. Census was finally released. And when I finally found my mom, I remembered she had worked in a chocolate candy factory in Manhattan.

This was back in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s. She earned about 85 cents per hour. And the big bonus was probably all the chocolate she could eat. Mom always liked sweets.

I remember Dad talking about the chocolate covered coffee beans that she used bring home. And I even remember my mom bring me down to the factory when I was about five. She was so happy visiting with a few friends.

Anyway, can’t help but think about the classic Lucille Ball skit when she worked the line at the chocolate factory.

I can just see my mom packing those chocolates, laughing with her coworkers.

I miss you.